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This course includes 7 powerful lessons that are designed to deliver the most important information about safeguarding your health. This course will teach you an enormous amount of information about your health and give a unique perspective on health and healthcare.

You won’t have to feel like you’re guessing about your health any more.

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Lessons in this eBook

Lesson 101

It’s Everything

When we are in good health, we have the energy, desire, positive attitude and most importantly, the ability to do the things that are most important to us. Not only can we do them, we can do them well. When we are run down, we lose focus and desire and end up not reaching our goals. Whether it’s in the workplace, at home, at church or doing a hobby, being in good health helps you to be your best.

Your Health is Everything

Lesson 201

Food, it’s Not What it Used to be

Much has changed over the years. We’ve gone from horses to cars, typewriters to computers. Many people don’t realize that food has changed as well. Unlike typewriters and computers, which look different, our foods look very much the same as they did decades and centuries before. Even though food looks the same, its composition can be very different. For example, grass-fed beef has a different nutrient profile than corn-fed beef does. How food is raised makes a difference in its nutritional value and changes the benefit to your body when you eat it.

Food Quality Matters

Lesson 202

Proper Fuel for Your Body

There are so many diet plans and “experts” out there, it has created real confusion and a sense of distrust and skepticism for diets, books and studies. So how do you know who to believe, or what to believe? Do you want to load up on protein or carbs? Red meat or fish? Whole grains or gluten free? Eggs or no eggs? We will show you a simple way to decide if food is good for you or not. You won’t have to rely on a diet or meal plan to know how to eat. It’s really simple and makes so much sense! Then, when you understand how the body really works and how food was designed to nourish it, so that your body can heal itself, you will have a good laugh when the next diet comes out and so blatantly makes no sense. You’ll have confidence that you know your stuff and potentially save money by not buying it!

What you eat matters

Lesson 203

The Food Disease

Over the past few decades, America has been consuming a record amount of processed, refined and modified foods. When you take a step back and see what’s happened to health during that same time period, it’s really easy to see how food could indeed be the cause of the most common health problems we have. Obesity, heart disease, depression, diabetes and high blood pressure could all be classified as “The Food Disease.” Fortunately, the solution can be just as simple… good old fashioned whole food.

Food can damage. Food can heal.

Lesson 301

Smart Supplementation

If you go to your local nutrition store, you will see thousands of supplements on the shelves, which is overwhelming at the very least. What should you take? Should you take any supplements at all? The short answer is that most supplements are not necessary if you are eating the good foods we learned about in lessons 201 and 202! The quick breakdown of supplements: the vast majority of them are unnecessary, a few of them could be useful for some people, and a small handful of them are really vital for your body. Dive into this lesson and get the scoop on which supplements to focus on and which ones to avoid.

Do you really need supplements? Yes.

Lesson 302

Move it or lose it!

The most popular “solution” to health and weight loss is exercise. While keeping your body active is important, it is not the primary way to keep healthy. Plenty of young elite athletes have had failed health. We always stress the fact that being fit doesn’t equal healthy. What exercise does do is keep your body active and your cells oxygenated, which is a very good thing. Remaining active your entire life will be extremely beneficial to your health and will help you to have a good quality of life well into your later years.

Stay active now, be active later.

Lesson 401

Fact or fiction?

There have been so many studies and reports that have come out over the years that have been completely wrong, yet many of them have stuck and are still considered fact. There are a few reasons that this happens. The unfortunate result is that many people are mislead, which can ultimately have a negative effect on your health. This lesson will put an end to these misconceptions. We also give you tips on how to know what to believe and how to avoid future health bandwagons.

Health myths you should know about.