about us Healthy for Life is a family owned company and was founded in 1998 by Brian Shattuck. He had experienced weight gain and loss of energy, and became concerned about his health. He began doing some research and was troubled when he discovered that things the body needs to thrive are opposite of what was commonly being recommended in the medical community. Upon further study and verification, Brian decided to do something about it. He began Healthy for Life to spread the word about a few simple steps he discovered people can take to make a big impact on their health.

In 2005 Healthy for Life began manufacturing products to make getting key nutrients more convenient for it’s customers. Food supplements are an important role in getting the nutrients your body needs to thrive. There are thousands of supplements on the market, so how do you know what you need? Healthy for Life is so popular because we weeded out all the non-essential products and combined the essential ones into just a few convenient products! Most of the supplements out there are really not necessary for most people. There are only a few essential nutrients missing in foods, and providing them is our specialty.

The Healthy for Life philosophy is that nutrition should come from the food we eat – that’s the way it was intended. Over the years our society has favored convenience and mass production, leaving our food supply lacking in a few essential nutrients. Our program is simple: eat real food and supplement the few essential nutrients missing in our food supply. Healthy for Life supplements fill the gap between the nutrients we get from food and what your body requires.