A Healthy Gut is Key for a Strong Immune System
Dr Zach Bush
     “The body doesn’t have an organ called the immune system.  The human body is an immune system.  A system composed of viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and a few human elements too.  The last decade has uncovered discoveries of the vast universe we call the microbiome.  Two paradigm shifting conclusions have been ascertained from thousands of research studies:  Neither human immunity or the human brain work without the interaction of millions of species of tiny organisms that inhabit every niche of the human body.
     The gut is the Manhattan of the microbiome.  Every internal organ; liver, kidneys vascular system, and brain, have unique ecosystems of viruses, bacteria and fungi that maintain balance and function. 
     The foundation of the gut and microbiome in human health cannot be over emphasized.  Our lab has been working for seven years to understand the relationship between the micobiome and integrity of the intestinal lining.  Your gut lining, covering two tennis courts in surface area, is only half the thickness of a human hair.  This super thin cellophane-like barrier is not a wall, but rather an intelligent gate keeper, allowing the good stuff in, and keeping out unwanted biome toxins, organic, inorganic toxins, etc.
     In a profoundly eloquent method of checks and balances, Mother Nature has designed our gut barrier, the primary structure that defines your self-identity at the biologic level, to be completely dependent on its continuous contact with the microbial population of the earth.  Through your breath, food and all you touch, your microbiome is an extension of you.  If you isolate yourself from nature and her biodiversity, you will falter in your self-identity, immune function and in your mind.
One course of antibiotics:  Shown to increase your risk of major depression by 24%, anxiety disorders by 17%.
Two courses of antibiotics in a year:  52% increase in depression and 44% increase in anxiety disorders.
     Neither the microbiome nor the virome are against us.  The microbiome, communicating via viruses, is the origin of biologic life and the avenue of adaptation that makes a biodiverse, abundant, resilient earth.  If we fight it, we will die.”  Dr. Zach Bush

Action Steps
A highly effective immune system provides a defense against harmful organisms like bacterium, and viruses, contributes immensely to your overall well-being, give lots of energy, a clear mind, and the wholeness you desire and deserve.
Here are some suggestions to play with and I mean play.  I have been in the health world for over thirty years now.  People change because they want to and when they want to.  The motivations to do so is driven by emotions, positive emotions, good feelings. Making changes to insure your gut health, and immune system health will come the same way.  Health is the means not the goal here.  A healthy gut leads to more energy, better sleep, feeling good due to freedom from all the gut maladies many people experience, reduces stress, improves your mood and assists you in living the best life possible.  A big “Why” (Motivation) for me came when I arrived one hour after my grandson was born.  That was seven years ago.  Wrestling, riding bikes, hiking, kayaking, laughing and hearting him say, ‘you can’t catch me Pop-Pop is my motivation.  Achievable?  You better believe it!  You have the power.  
1.  Remove as much sugar and processed food from your diet as possible.  Yes, most of us are addicted.  That was the plan.  My health coaching clients hear me say, “it is not your fault but it is your responsibility”.
2.  Eat as much organic (No toxins in that gut) fruits and vegetables as you can.
3.  Try some fermented foods like sauerkraut in your diet (Natural probiotic sending good bacteria to help you)
4.  Try intermittent fasting  (I eat my last meal at around 6pm and do not eat again until 8-9am the next day. I break - - - fast at that time.  Google it.  It feels great.
5.  Of course use our omegas and minerals.  Every cell in your gut (microbiome) is lined with an omega 6 oil. Minerals are important nutrient for a strong immune system.
6.  Try making and drinking bone broth. A local favorite of ours is Braised Bone Broth www.braisedbonebroth.com
7.   Reduce stress. Try walking in the woods, exercising, prayer and meditation, take off your shoes and socks and plant your feet in the earth, floating, massage, watch funny movies and have more intimacy.
8.   Work with a nurse practitioner, your doctor, health coach to get off medication.  They are chemicals that do a number on your gut many times.  
9.   Try adding a probiotic or prebiotic to your regimen of supplements.  Placing good bacteria into the microbiome (gut) is a very good addition.

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