Lesson 511

Medicine Revisited

Many of us have never been taught the inside workings of the health care system or health insurance, yet we depend on it so heavily for our health and our family’s health. We must know how to utilize these tools to reach the health outcomes we want and to know their limitations. This lesson will provide you with insights into how to find the right provider, how to evaluate if you need a new provider and what your options are in the search. You will also learn how to be a smarter, more informed patient and what your role in the provider/patient relationship should look like to improve your experiences and interactions in the doctor’s office.

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Lessons in this course

Lesson 511.1

Integrative Medicine

Lesson 511.2

Being a Smarter Patient

Lesson 511.3

Health Insurance

Lesson 511.4

Choosing Health Insurance

Lesson 511.5

Who Is On Your Team?

Lesson 511.6


Lesson 511

Q & A

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