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30 Days to a New U! 

Are you up for the challenge? Follow the Healthy for Life program for 30 days and you will feel better than ever! Whether you need to lose weight, have more energy or simply just feel healthier, you can do it with the Healthy for Life. Follow the steps below to get started. Our program is easy to follow and will change your health for the better! In order to help you along the way we have several resources available. Visit our resource library, blog, facebook or contact us with any questions you have!


Step 1

Read the eBook

Read or watch all of the eBook online. This will explain about foods that will help you heal and be energetic. It will also explain why certain supplements will help you and why the nutrients in the supplements are missing from the foods we eat.

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Step 2

Order a starter kit

As you’ve read in the eBook, supplementing vital nutrients is essential to make sure your body has all of the building blocks it needs for a strong immune system, to fight disease and to have the energy you need. Order your starter kit today to ensure your body is getting nutrition it needs.

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Step 3

Make adjustments where needed

Begin to adapt your nutrition and activity to the recommendations in the eBook. Adjust your meal plan and activity as needed to ensure your body is getting what it needs. Below is a reminder of the 4 key concepts.

plan1 plan2 plan3

Review the eBook


Step 4

Starter kit arrives… woo-hoo!

Begin supporting your body by giving it the vital nutrients it needs… take your supplements daily. Follow the quick start instructions included in the kit.



Step 5

Welcome to the new U!

Notice how much healthier your are and how much better you feel! Normally it takes 30 to 90 days to see results, but most people will begin to see some improvements in the first month. It only gets better from here. We’d love to hear from you, share your story with us.

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Step 6

Want to learn more?

If you want to learn even more about protecting your health the next step is to take our Health Mastery course. This course builds on the eBook and takes it to a whole new level! It includes 12 lessons that will show you how to take care of your body like never before, the results are amazing, check out a few of our  success-stories!

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