About our protein

Does your shake have dozens of ingredients you can't pronounce? Our Healthy Whey is a delicious shake made with whole foods ingredients and makes for a delicious and quick meal when you in a hurry.

Vegetable protein is only about 25% absorbable as compared to animal protein. Also animal protein has all 9 amino acids your body needs, something that vegetable protein does have!

The Healthy Whey has been designed with a whole-food, biologically active, minimally-processed whey protein. Most protein products on the market today are made with processed and damaged proteins. These low quality proteins do not provide the nutrients and compounds found in The Healthy Whey. We have gone great lengths to be sure our protein shake is made with the most effective whole-food whey protein available.

Whey protein is created from milk. It is vitally important to know where your milk is coming from and how the cows that produce milk are raised. Our cows live out in the sun and eat grass 100% of the time, just like nature intended. This ensures that The Healthy Whey has the highest levels of nutrition possible and is the healthiest, most natural whey you can find.

Many other whey protein products are derived from factory dairies that put their cows through very stressful milking schedules. The cows are fed GMO grains and animal by-products and they get very little grass or sun. These conditions decrease the quality of whey protein.

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Why your body needs protein

Your body needs protein for many reasons. This is one of our lifestyle supplements. Our protein shake is great for a quick meal on the go, or for supplementing protein after a workout.

Why is our protein better?

  • GMO free. Our cows never eat genetically modified feed
  • Antibiotic free. Our cows are cared for naturally and never given artificial antibiotics
  • Hormone free. Our cows are never given any growth hormones, ever
  • Minimally-processed. Our protein is still in its nature-created, whole food state; not excessively heated or chemically modified
  • 100% grass-fed milk derived. Our protein has the highest amounts of vitamins, minerals and enzymes available
  • Nothing artificial. Our formula only has 4 ingredients, free of artificial sweeteners, chemical dyes, fillers, or preservatives
  • Delicious! Nature’s Protein is the most delicious protein shake mix you have ever had-guaranteed

Non Denatured  Native Whey  Gluten Free  No GMOs  Antibiotic Free  Hormone Free  Made in USA  GMP Certified