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The Healthy Whey Protein - Vanilla - 21oz.The Healthy Whey Protein - Vanilla - 21oz.
The Healthy Whey - Chocolate - 21oz.The Healthy Whey - Chocolate - 21oz.

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Why your body needs protein

Your body needs protein for many reasons. This is one of our lifestyle supplements. Our protein shake is great for a quick meal on the go, or for supplementing protein after a workout.

Why is our protein better?

  • GMO free. Our cows never eat genetically modified feed
  • Antibiotic free. Our cows are cared for naturally and never given artificial antibiotics
  • Hormone free. Our cows are never given any growth hormones, ever
  • Minimally-processed. Our protein is still in its nature-created, whole food state; not excessively heated or chemically modified
  • 100% grass-fed milk derived. Our protein has the highest amounts of vitamins, minerals and enzymes available
  • Nothing artificial. Our formula only has 4 ingredients, free of artificial sweeteners, chemical dyes, fillers, or preservatives
  • Delicious! Nature’s Protein is the most delicious protein shake mix you have ever had-guaranteed

Non Denatured  Native Whey  Gluten Free  No GMOs  Antibiotic Free  Hormone Free  Made in USA  GMP Certified