Are You On Fire?

Inflammation (In – flame – ation). Inflammation is a signal from the body that injury has or is taking place. It is a sign, signal, symptom something is wrong and the body, your body is healing whatever that injury you are facing. When it is outside (Cut, fall, injury) it is easy to see, pay attention to and take steps to support your body in healing.

When inside (In – flame – ation), arthritis, autoimmune disease, excess weight, heart disease and yes, even cancer, it is often much more difficult to know what to do. Pain accompanies inflammation, not as a bad thing but as a pointer, indicator, and warning for us to take notice and steps to address the inflammation causing the pain. Address the root cause of inflammation and the pain goes away.

How do we get trapped in a life of pain? Our medical system treats the main symptom of inflammation, pain. Pain medication blocks pain, it really does, kind of. It also blocks tissue from healing (the root of the inflammation). This means an inability to heal the root cause of the pain. This means the pain persists and becomes chronic. The usual answer? You got it, more pain medication and a dependency on that medication. It is a “Pain Trap”, a vicious cycle never addressing the root cause of the pain in the first place.

Optimum Performance Physical Therapy and its founder Jon Schultz and Tim McCoy from Healthy for Life  are going to tackle this chronic problem. We are going to address three topics:

1. Root causes of inflammation and pain
2. Simple ‘Solutions’ to the problem.
3. Your relationship to inflammation and pain.

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You will learn

  • Increase energy
  • Better nutrition
  • Health supporting tips
  • Decrease stress
  • Detoxify your body
  • Strengthen your immune system
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