Fish Oil or Parent Oils?

Fish oil has become one of the most well know and commonly used supplements in the world today. We know that our bodies need fat. Fat is vital for healthy eyes, heart, liver, kidneys, cells, hormones,immune system and more. Fats can come from various meats, poultry, fish, nuts and seeds. Often
in our diet we aren’t getting the healthy fats we need. Specifically, we often aren’t getting enough
omega 3 and omega 6. Many of our foods are processed and have had the fatty acids removed from them, so they can be shelf stable in our grocery stores. Also farming practices and how livestock are raised also lead to deficiency in Omega fatty acids. Because of this supplementing Omega oil has become an important part of our modern lifestyle. The question then becomes, what fatty acids do our bodies need and how do we get them if we can’t get them from food? Fish oil has been the answer, but is it really the best solution? Let’s take a look.

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